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The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

The Alchemist

The essence of motocycle, picture a rigid framed vintage roadracer, leaf sprung fork, single pan saddle, hand gearchange, foot clutch, left hand throttle and the biggest production Indian engine of the time shoehorned into the best handling Indian frame of All time! A true hotrod, the looks of a stripped down wall bike on steroids!

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Junior Scout tanks

This morning, I temporarily nicked the LH Junior Scout tank off my Sport Scout. i had heard that the JS tanks profile was the same as a 101 Scout but split intp 2 half tanks so i thought I would check this out for myself!

The top profile is a pefect match to the backbone of the 101  frame, even the seat T bar front tabs line up with the slots in the tanks

The above picture shows how much room would be available if the crossbar was taken out and replaced with bracing between the tanks. Unfortunately I dont want to hide the backbone of the frame, I would prefer to have it exposed as on a 101 which again lessens the available height!

A gain of aproximately 1.25" is available if the tank is mounted below the backbone and the crossbar is raised

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