A tale of two Chouts

The Ultimate Indian Motocycle Hybrid, the marriage of a vintage Scout frame with a Chief engine!

The Alchemist

The essence of motocycle, picture a rigid framed vintage roadracer, leaf sprung fork, single pan saddle, hand gearchange, foot clutch, left hand throttle and the biggest production Indian engine of the time shoehorned into the best handling Indian frame of All time! A true hotrod, the looks of a stripped down wall bike on steroids!

Monday, 27 September 2010

The Gathering

The major components gathered so far

- 1929 Indian 101 Scout frame
- 1933 Indian Chief engine 74" in need of full rebuild
- 1940 Chief engine 74" bottom end rebuilt by Earl McGhee
- New Chief cylinders and pistons (made in India)
- 1940 cylinder heads repaired by Richi Foss
- 1932 Indian Chief transmission
- 1934 on primary (chain type)
- Edison Splitdorf RM2 Magneto, to suit the '33 motor
- Fairbanks Morse magneto, to suit the '40 motor
- Linkert M343 carburettor

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