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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Repositionimg the kicker mount

One of the issues with fitting a chief powerplant into a 101 chassis is that the kicker stud is too close to the pinion... Today i made a start on repositioning the stud.
First off i drilled a piece of flat 1/4" stock to fit snugly over the existing 101 stud

With a length of 7/8" roundstock as a kicker pivot i offered the kicker up into position so the teeth mesh but not too tightly

Having marked the centre of the stud i drilled a 1/2" hole and turned the roundstock down on the lathe to the same size

With the new pin loosely in position i marked it with room for a washer and circlip then parted it off

All clamped together ready to weld now.

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  1. The kick leverage create tremendous bending force to the flat stock piece. I would weld a support at the back of the plate, bolted to the flat area where the battery box is fastened. Or weld it to the battery crate.

  2. I plan to brace it along the top and at the back at 90deg across the back of the kicker casting... once the new pin has been hardened